Monday, April 11, 2011

One Month

Hi again.

On Friday, I'll have been with my new family for a whole month.

I love it here!

The littlest two-legs is finally starting to settle down around me, and doesn't make me nervous all the time anymore.  To be honest, she's fun most of the time, and I play with her sometimes, sneaking little licks in on her fingers and toes, which makes her shriek with laughter.

My favorite playmate though, is the youngest of the cats who live here.  Mom calls her Punkin Head, and she's lots of fun!  We run around the living room playing tag lots.  She stays up on the couch and chairs and tables and I chase her from ground level.  Mom doesn't think that Punkin plays fair, but I don't mind.  She thinks she's getting one over on me by staying up there, but she's not... it's just more fun to try to convince her to come down to my level!
And she's got a thing for my tail!  She likes seeing it wag, and often reaches out to grab it with her paw, which makes her much easier for me to catch!!  Ha!  Not so smart after all, are ya, kitty?!

The other two cats aren't as much fun, but they're OK.
Mica doesn't seem to mind me being around, but really doesn't pay too much attention to me.  She's Punkin's older sister.  But it's Mamma Tiz who I worry about a bit.  She doesn't really like me much, but we get along OK as long as I stay away from her when she's eating.  She was a little mean to me the first day I was here, so I'm careful around her, but she seems to be getting used to the idea of sharing her home with a dog.
Live and let live, I say!
And besides, I get to go out, and she doesn't, and she doesn't like that much... All of the kitties seem to be a little jealous, even when I'm just out on the deck!

 You can tell by the ears how they're feeling, eh?  hehehe
From left to right, that's Mica, Punkin, and Tiz.

We're becoming one big happy family!

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