Friday, April 8, 2011

My New Life

I'm Coco.

I'm 8 years old, or so they told my new Mom, anyway.

I just moved in with my new Mom and her family a few weeks ago, on the 15th of March, 2011.
I'm starting to think it might have been the luckiest day of my life so far.

Now, don't get me wrong, my old family was OK.  They spoiled me rotten!  Scraps and yummy people-food all the time!   Oh!!  It was soo tasty!

But they didn't really have time for me, and they weren't very good at taking care of the simple things, like brushing my fur, and clipping my claws, and getting me the exersize that I needed to work off all those yummy treats I was always getting.  I have to admit, I got to be a pretty portly fellow, especially after my old family stopped cutting my claws for me and one over-grew till it was causing a real problem for me.

Oh Boy!  Did that hurt!  I can't remember how long I was limping on that foot!  But my old family was too busy to notice, and didn't know how to fix the problem even if they had noticed.

My new Mom is taking care of all the right things now, let me tell you!

I've been getting used to being brushed and combed, and I'm even starting to like all the praise my Mom gives me when I sit all calm and cool and collected so she can work on me.  She's got really gentle hands, and doesn't make me sit for too long at once, so it's not too bad.
And that Claw!  I wasn't here  for more than 10 minutes before she clipped that old thing, and I haven't felt so good in a long time!!  Oh Boy!!  If nothing else, THAT earned her my gratitude, and undying loyalty!

And on top of all that, she takes me for walks all the time!
We go out early in the morning for quick sniff and a pee, and then in the afternoon we go out again, sometimes for long, leisurely strolls.  Then in the evening, the whole family goes out... well, me and all the two-legs who live here.  The cats have to stay home... poor kitties!  And then another quick sniff and pee before bed.

I love walks!  Who would have known that walks could be so much fun!

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