Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I can do stairs!

Mom is so excited!  I can finally do stairs all by myself!
She's excited, and I just wish I hadn't been so anxious that day, cause now Mom makes me do it all the time, both ways!
Going up isn't a problem as long as I get a running start, but coming down now, that's harder...
I have to hop sideways a little bit, to make sure I don't go down too fast and land on my fuzzy little head.
Mom is so proud!  I was so fat when I first came to live with her that I could hardly walk, much less run, or do the stairs... just one step was really hard for me, and walking more than half a block had me panting and moaning and wanting to lie down and sleep, but Mom pushed me, and took me out for walks, and look at me now!