Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WOW!! Life has sure been busy!

Mom and I have been having some pretty big life changes since last we came this way!
Oh boy! Let me tell you!

Let's see... back last time Mom had time or energy to write, I had just learned to do the stairs!  We were both very excited about it... her a little more than me, to be honest  hehe

Anyway, since then, there have been lots of changes... we've even moved to a new house where I get to go out sniff at stuff or just lay in the sun pretty much whenever I want... it's pretty cool!  But that's not the best stuff that's happened... and not all of the stuff that's gone on has been good, either... but well get back to that...

Back in May, I had just learned to to the stairs...  Mom started going to the park to play on some metal bars and stuff there... I don't know what they're for, but Mom spent lots of time on there, while the little two-legs (Mom calls her Monkey, I know that now) would play in the sand, and because I love Mom so much, and always know where she is, I got to wander and sniff to my heart's content... the kids at the park were always so friendly, and I love to get scratches from them. Mom also got me a great bag, and fixed it up for me to ride in when she has errands to run and I get too tired to walk... I'm not as young, or as healthy as I once was, after all... I like my bag, it's much nicer than being left alone at home with only the cats for company.

In June, Mama Tiz had another batch of kittens, and she got mean... she even hurt me a bit one day, just for walking to the kitchen from my bed... it really wasn't fair, but Mom put the run on her, and made her leave me alone... for a while... once those kitties were wandering around, they were always chasing me out of my bed... I was scared because of how Mama Tiz looked at me all the time, like she wanted to hurt me just for being near her kitties... but I had no choice... they seemed to like me, and wouldn't leave me alone!  I have to admit, they were kind of cute, but with that cat giving me the gimlet eye, I just couldn't enjoy them!

(image missing)

In July, we started going to the water park downtown... I don't much like the water, but it was nice to lay in the sun, or under the shade of Mom's umbrella, and see all the kids playing, and have some come and pet me, and scratch me, and sneak me treats from time to time.
I look forward to going there again when it gets warm again!

In August, my new Dad hurt his foot... Mom was pretty stressed about it, and I did my best to help her with that, but I know I didn't always succeed... Mom had some pretty conflicted emotions that kind of upset me from time to time, but she always loves me, and that's what matters most.... Isn't it?

In September, Mom and Dad were pretty busy with packing stuff into boxes, and getting it moved out of the house... I really didn't understand just then what that meant, but I found out pretty quickly... in the meantime, Mom kept up her visits to the park and playing on those bars and stuff while I sniffed, and peed and sniffed some more hehe

Then at the end of September, we moved!!

I was pretty upset at first, because Mom packed up my bed, and my bag and my bowls and dropped me off in the new place all by myself, so I wouldn't be underfoot while they were working on the old place... I was SOOO happy when Mom came back, especially when she brought the cats... I didn't like being left behind with them all that much, but it was better than being all alone... and Mama Tiz was actually nice to me in the new place... we're not friends, but she doesn't threaten to hurt me anymore, and that's a nice change!